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Who will you be? A Warrior, a Hunter, a Builder... Or a King?

Originally a jam game, Crown and Council is a casual strategy game of geopolitical drama. Conquer, expand, build and develop your kingdom, until all your foes are crushed!

The game is a fast-paced strategy game about conquering land and obliterating rival monarchs. Click adjacent land tiles to subdue them with your army, earning gold to fund further expeditions, defensive forts, naval attacks, universities and more. Muscle your opposition off the map! There can be only one ruler in these lands! It’s simple to play, but not quite so easy to win: do you spend all your cash on universities, hoping to survive long enough that your book-learnin’ makes you unstoppable in the late game? Or do yo go for a quick land-grab, hoping to put enough boots on the ground to give you an irreversible early advantage?

Other features include fabulously mustachioed pixel-art tyrants, procedural land generation and procedural insults from your regal rivals. Go play it now! Claim the throne which is rightfully yours!

Survive. Build. Dominate.

Built on a premise of risk-like in tactics and strategy your objective is to conquer your enemies. On each of your turns you will gain Gold which you can spend on either an Army Icon.png Army, a Fort Icon.png Fort, a Fleet Icon.png Fleet, a City Icon.png City or a University Icon.png University, as well as on Upgrades. Be careful of Events; the Plague Icon.png Plague (Destroys cities) which can decimate your population, and decrease your Gold income, face a Rebellion Icon.png Rebellion, causing your area to turn neutral. You can also capture Mine Icon.png Mines (Chance to produce extra gold) or your enemies cities to build your empire faster. Please feel free to visit the Game Tips or create a page to make your experience fully enjoyable. Play alone in single-player mode, or forge alliances and make enemies. Will you dominate the exiled lands or will your enemies sacrifice you on their altars?

Crown and Council is currently on Steam for free.

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